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Strategos International Podcast


Active shooters. Workplace violence. Attacks on schools and churches.

In our chaotic culture, no one gets a pass. Yet we don't have to be passive.

Strategos International, an innovative leader in security training, consulting and protective services, is here to safeguard people and property. Whether you're a business, school, hospital or church, we can equip your organization to analyze, anticipate and overcome threats from without and within. We've equipped more than 150,000 people (and counting) since 2002.

Hope is not a strategy. Action is. Contact us about protecting what matters most at

Dec 5, 2018

Mark Warren, Sr. Vice President, and Vaughn Baker, President, of Strategos International, discuss their new book "Active Threat: Workplace 911." The book is an expert guide to preventing, preparing for and prevailing over active shooters and other workplace attackers. This new work shares practical advice for businesses, schools, churches and any organization that is at risk from a violent intruder. Strategos has trained more than 150,000 people worldwide since its founding in 2002. Learn more about the book and Strategos at